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Jamboree July 2018

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FAB Jamboree Saturday 28th July 2018

It would be good to report that Saturday 28th July dawned bright and fair, but unfortunately, it didn’t. By the early afternoon, in view of lashing rain, the like of which we have not seen for the past two months, it was clear that two gazebos were not going to provide sufficient protection for the FAB Jamboree at Orchard Walk. Fortunately, Norma and Sarah had offered the use of their house as an alternative and this offer was gratefully accepted. However, by the time most of the company and puddings were assembled, the weather, typically, had changed its mind: the rain stopped and gradually it turned into a very pleasant summer afternoon. A large number of garden chairs miraculously appeared and we were able to relax outside eating puddings while the children were entertained with a variety of ball games.

There was a magnificent selection of puddings ranging from Apple Clafoutis as featured in this year’s FAB calendar to Rice Pudding and Banana Cake. Puddings, cakes and jellies featured a wide variety of summer fruit including gooseberries, black currants, red currants and raspberries, some with the sneaky addition of chocolate; all of them delicious as witnessed by the remarkably small amounts left over. We are hoping to share some of these recipes at a later date.

So although things didn’t go exactly according to plan, the Jamboree was a great success. Many thanks go to all the pudding providers and especially to Sarah and Norma for providing such a great venue at the last minute, plus the opportunity to look round their lovely garden.

Lindy MacLean  

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