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Sustainable Cupar Humbug Poll 2019 Results


The result of Sustainable Cupar’s eagerly anticipated 2019 ‘Humbug Poll’ shows that out of three proposals, the town most wants to see a speed reduction for traffic throughout the town. 195 votes were recorded, with 89 votes for 20mph town wide, 77 for a free town bus, and 29 for continuing free charging for electric cars.

Sustainable Cupar Chair, Gordon Pay, said, “Each year, at the Christmas fair and light switch-on in Cupar, we ask the public what new ideas we should pursue. Giving people a Humbug sweetie to record a vote is a bit of fun, but it does help to increase engagement. The reaction to our stall has always been really positive.”  

“Annually we gain great feedback from Cupar’s families visiting our stall at the fair. This year’s was held in the Old Parish Centre.  Based on previous years we have been taking forward new cycle routes, campaigning for district heating and restoring the Moor Road to Ceres.”

Three jars were each filled with 100 Humbugs, a jar for each proposal. This year the 3 proposals were illustrated with drawings by 3 Castlehill Primary pupils. Visitors to the Sustainable Cupar stall cast their vote by removing a humbug from their preferred option.

Gordon Pay was able to reveal, “Though it was a close-run affair between two of the options, in the end there was one that was the clear favourite.  46% chose to support a 20-mph speed limit throughout the town for a healthier environment and a healthier community.  39% supported an improved free electric town bus service to give people the option of leaving the car at home, and 15% wanted Fife Council to keep electric car charging free.”

Mr Pay said that, “Sustainable Cupar will take these results as a steer in choosing its next campaign. We already know that the Community Council are keen to see 20-mph in Carslogie Road extended to the Bonnygate, and in South Road and at the Burnside residents have called for 20-mph speed limits to improve safety.” 

“I would go further” said the Chair of Sustainable Cupar, “There are compelling justifications in these places, and when you put them all together it just makes more sense to make it town wide. This would help cut air pollution, improve safety and encourage more cycling and walking.  Allowing people to get out of their cars makes for more on street chance meetings, and allows for a happier healthier town.  We now know this has strong support in the town”

Gordon Pay, Chair, Sustainable Cupar

Bird boxes made at Haugh Park on Saturday 15th June


Fifteen people joined forces with Sustainable Cupar and Pitcairn environmental volunteers to make 23 bird boxes at the bandstand in Haugh Park on Saturday 15th June.

The bird boxes will improve the habitat in the much depleted Owlet Wood and completes another part of the More Moor Road action plan.  The nesting boxes are suitable for great tits, blue tits as well as other hollow-dwelling birds.  One or two were built with open fronts for robin and wrens to nest in.  Fife Coast and Countryside Trust donated 2 massive owl boxes to improve the chances of tawny owls returning to the wood.

Help will be needed to get the bird boxes installed.  Please get in touch if you want to get involved with that job. 

More Moor Road Planting Day, Saturday 2nd March

Sixteen members and friends of Sustainable Cupar (including 4 young people) planted 300 young trees along Moor Road. A mixed species 40m hedge, aimed to feed pollinators like bees, beetles and butterflies, went in along the top section. Soft fruit cuttings from FAB were planted along the way and, with the wild raspberries already growing, Moor Road will have an edible verge for humans too. Rowan, crab apple and dog rose were set in natural groupings, as were the rescued Scots pine and birch saplings. Unfortunately, due to a nation-wide shortage, the vole guards were missing from Woodland Trust’s tree delivery. When they do arrive, there will be a second day of outdoor action to protect the new trees. Everyone was home when the rain came on heavily and watered the new planting in. 3 new benches, also purchased with Driving a Thriving Cupar money and 3 rustic seats, to provide resting places for walkers on the steep incline, will be installed by Fife Council Environment Service. An interpretation board with content from Cupar Heritage and Fife Coast and Countryside Trust, giving a taste of the history of Moor Road and what to look out for along the way, will be installed later in the spring at the Cupar entrance. Bird and Bat boxes, including large ones to give homes to tawny owls in Owlet Wood are planned too.


Volunteers swing into action to help clean up wildlife pond

Cupar orchard’s wildlife pond has been given a much-needed clean up, thanks to the support of Fife Golf Trust.

The pond had become overgrown, with little open water left for wildlife and Sustainable Cupar’s Fruit and Blossom group, which manages the community orchard next to the pond, was keen to undertake some restoration work.

But members needed a helping hand as clearing the well-rooted vegetation by hand would have been a challenging task.

Fife Golf Trust, which is a member of the Fife Biodiversity Partnership, offered to help.

The trust donated a digger to clear a proportion of the vegetation to create an area of open water, and waste was left on the banks to allow any wildlife to make its way back to the pond.

The pond, which is next to the riverside path, is home to an array of wildlife, from dragonflies to frogs, and it is hoped this work will create a more diverse space to attract a greater range of biodiversity.

“This is an excellent example of how we can work together to improve our environment for wildlife and people, making Fife a richer place for everyone,” said Johanna Willi, who coordinates the Fife local biodiversity action plan with partners, as restoring and creating ponds and wetlands can be one of the best things for biodiversity.

  • The Courier & Advertiser (Fife Edition), 5th January 2019

FAB Apples at Cupar Farmers Market


Sustainable Cupar at Farmers Market Saturday 20th October 2018

The Fruit and Blossom Group of Sustainable Cupar will be distributing apples at this Saturday’s Cupar Farmers Market.  Apples have been donated from across Cupar and gathered from the Orchard in Millgate.

Sarah Davidson, Co-ordinator of the Fruit and Blossom group has been bowled over by the weight of apples donated.  ‘We don’t need any more donations but would welcome visitors to our stall who wanted to help in the orchard.’

Apples will be distributed free and tastings will be available of different varieties.  A limited supply of apples rings, dried apple slices, may also be available for sampling.

We are very grateful to the Farmers Market for the opportunity to meet more of our community at the market.  We would welcome any questions about Sustainable Cupar activities.  Anybody who wishes to contribute to our efforts on projects such as the Moor Road, Active Travel, District Heating and, of course, the Orchard can sign up to Sustainable Cupar. 

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