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Sustainable Cupar FAB Fruit Order

How to order your fruit tree or soft fruit bush

FAB Fruit Orders

The Fruit and Blossom group has previously run two community fruit orders, the information for the latest one in 2014 is below. Whilst we don't have a plan for another order, if you are interested please let us know.

Download the FAB order form

One of the FAB group's aims is to grow more fruit in Cupar. Not just in commercial or community orchards but also in people's gardens. Growing fruit in your garden brings a wealth of benefits: It reduces carbon dioxide, encourages bees, birds and other wildlife, provides shade, and of course the fruit produced year on year is not only one of your five a day, but above all is very local and very fresh. With the added benefit that no fossil fuels are required to get the fruit directly to your kitchen.

To ensure that you have everything you need we've put together a tree pack which includes:

* A one year old (maiden) tree

* A tree post and tie

* A vole guard

Never planted a tree before? Advice on planting and pruning the tree will also be included in the tree pack. We also have some trees to plant in Cupar's community orchard and will look to plant these once the order arrives. If you've placed an order we'll let you know when this event is taking place and you are welcome to come along and join us.

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