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Sustainable Cupar FAB - Elmwood

Fruit cage


the fruit cage at Elmwood has been very productive this year -12.5 kg strawbs, 13 Kg Rasps, 10 Kg Redcurrants and 5Kg of Blackcurrants

apple and chickens

elmwood fruit FAB


The FAB group planted the Elmwood plot earlier this year. We used some of our funding to buy this fruit cage.

We are growing common soft fruits such as strawberries, raspberries and gooseberries, but we also growing blueberries, josta berries and goji berries.

10/06/2012 - Members of the group weeded the plot and had discussion about some of the fruit crops.

14th July 2012

After a meeting with Iain Hunter at Elmwood it was decided to spray with soft soap as there is some balck fly on the currants. We also discussed summer pruning on the plum trees in the area and this we will do soon. The rasps have not done so well and we will contact suppliers for replacements. All the other fruit is thriving - the strawberries look good and the bush fruit are all healthy.

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